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Working Parents Get Quick Tips with Cadey App Videos

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Anna Kroncke


Last modified 19 Mar 2024

Published 18 Mar 2024

Take a peek inside the Cadey app

Providing helpful tips from child psychologists in the moment when you need them

The Cadey mobile app’s library of microlearning videos gives working parents quick answers and things to try right now with insightful tips from Dr. Marcy Willard, Dr. Anna Kroncke, and other experts in the field of child psychology.

Cadey’s team has decades of combined experience in school psychology, diagnostic assessment, and parent consultation. They are subject matter experts on autism, ADHD, and more. 

Sample video

Here is a sample video our members love. Parents can find hundreds of short videos like this one in the Cadey app.

Ever feel like your child is not following your directions? Try the replace that phrase technique. This one is a game-changer!

This technique helps a child follow directions

Cadey’s videos are available in the app library and in guided paths within the app. They cover a wide array of topics, such as understanding parent triggers, using mindfulness in parenting, reducing meltdowns, helping your child follow directions, and what to do when your child is easily upset.

From short meaningful videos to topical webinars to detailed courses, Cadey gets it. Microlearning videos have tips parents can use today, even if they’re too busy to sit down for more than 5 minutes. Cadey also offers informative articles, behavior and social assessments, and more.

We value giving parents the latest information. Cadey has a bit of everything, so working parents get what they need.