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Cadey Receives DEI Award

Hannah Larson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Last modified 28 May 2024

Published 28 May 2024

Cadey team from left to right: Mat (developer), Emily (technical manager), Austin (developer), Alex (CTO), Ron (chief architect), Hannah (content creator), Marcy (CEO, co-founder), Jesse (UX designer), Anna (VP, co-founder). 

Cadey was recently recognized for its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts by the Denver Business Journal. 

We look forward to celebrating this important initiative at the DBJ Leaders in Diversity awards dinner on June 20th, 2024.

A Mission to Ensure Access

Cadey’s mission is to ensure all parents can access research-based, proven-to-work wellness and parenting strategies. 

From the beginning, we wanted to help over a million families with neurodiverse children. Although not as commonly understood, DEI efforts must include neurodiversity. Families facing challenges related to developmental, behavioral or mental health issues need to be supported in the workplace. 

Cadey set out on a mission to help employers do just that.

With Cadey, employers get immediate resources for families who have children who are on the autism spectrum, have learning disabilities, symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and the like. 

With Cadey, families no longer have to wait to get help 

Families can now turn to the Cadey app, submit their concerns, and get support right away. Without Cadey, employees who are neurodiverse or who have kids with unique needs, can feel the demands growing overwhelming and unmanageable.

In fact, over 50% of working parents report that their work is often interrupted for their child’s mental health or behavior needs. 

Over 73% of working parents indicate that they cannot fit all they have to do into their day. About the same number of working parents with neurodivergent children report that, “life is slipping out of control.” 

As psychologists, we hear those words and we take notice. These employees need support right now. 

Cadey provides specific strategies for learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and more.

The Cadey app offers the same strategies families would receive in a therapist’s office, now accessible through a mobile phone when they need help the most. 

Get Started With Cadey

Learn how Cadey can help your organization by booking a demo today! Cadey offers a wide range of resources to support different learning styles from quick how-to videos to webinars, courses, assessments, and articles. Cadey is here for all families with diverse needs, challenges and abilities. 

If you are an employer or benefit provider who is interested in supporting DEI in neurodiversity, you have found the right place. Book a demo and we’ll show you how!