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Cadey Mini-Webinar: Take a Peek Inside the Cadey Platform

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Anna Kroncke


Last modified 07 Jun 2024

Published 07 Jun 2024

Offering a Mini-Webinar to the community! Take a look inside the Cadey platform with this great mini-webinar that has helpful tips for all of us. Request a demo to learn more about Cadey and to gain access to Cadey’s full webinar offering today!

Cadey’s members-only live webinars give working parents a chance to connect with and ask questions of psychologists and authors Dr. Marcy Willard and Dr. Anna Kroncke. The two have decades of combined experience in school psychology, diagnostic assessment, and parent consultation and are subject matter experts on autism, ADHD, and more. 

Cadey offers weekly webinars on a wide range of topics.

Cadey members learn about topics like managing big emotions, improving family communication, ADHD and following directions, easing the 504 or IEP process, and addressing developmental trauma. They learn about symptoms and characteristics they may notice in their children, as well as their own mental health, communication, and ways to decrease stress and feel empowered. 

Cadey’s webinars are recorded and available on demand on our members page. Parents can join us live with questions or send them in advance and view webinars on demand.

From topical webinars to detailed courses, Cadey gets it. From informative articles to behavior and social assessments, we value giving parents the latest information. Microlearning videos have tips parents can use today, even if they’re too busy to sit down for more than 5 minutes.

Cadey has a bit of everything, so working parents get what they need.

Cadey webinars are hosted by Dr. Emily Harrison. They are brought to you by executive video and performance specialist Larry Silverberg, renowned performance coach.