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Case Studies

Case Study: Working Parents Balancing Caregiving and Careers

Anna Kroncke


Last modified 19 Mar 2024

Published 01 Mar 2024

Meet Lottie & Sam

Lottie and Sam are working parents who have children of their own and aging parents to care for in their home. They are not unique in facing the challenge of balancing caregiving and careers. They have four children with special needs, including autism, ADHD, trauma history, and medical conditions. 

The prevalence of developmental disabilities and mental health concerns in the US is increasing. More than 50% of caregivers reduce their time at work or stop working entirely because of caregiving needs. Sam works for a large financial company, and Lottie had to work part-time from home based on their caregiving needs.

The Impact of Stress and Chaos

Everyone felt the stress and chaos, but this time was particularly challenging for Sam. He worked an hour away and was often called home in crisis situations. In the evenings, life was pure chaos, and Sam needed a chance for peace and quiet. He had to stay up late in order to destress and get some alone time. Thus, he went to bed very late and woke early to drive to work.

Each parent felt a lot of pressure

Sam was always tired and shouldered the financial needs of the family. Lottie was working to manage the needs of 6 children as well as two aging grandparents.

Lottie shared that the family sought an array of services, including school psychology, therapy, parent consultation, and virtual learning, which brought them to Cadey.

Cadey’s Assessments Helped

Lottie reported that the most helpful aspect of Cadey was the assessments.

Cadey’s assessments provided insight and understanding for Sam, Lottie, and their teenagers regarding the symptoms and characteristics of autism and ADHD.

Lottie tried many things and reported the most success with timers, structure, and schedules. These strategies helped a lot with ADHD symptoms.

Lottie reported that her kids benefitted from coping strategies like putting worries aside in a worry backpack, using a timer watch for toileting accidents, and adding structure and a set schedule for a busy family. She also noted the importance of having meaningful family time, like weekly family dinners, even as the kids are now all teens and adults. 

A Life-Changing Peaceful Household

Life is calmer now for the family

Now Sam and Lottie describe a calm and peaceful household in the evenings, a dad who is well rested, less stressed, and able to give more of himself to work. This really has been life-changing.

The work-life balance is complex and challenging, and families need a lot of resources, including assessments and short videos that are at their fingertips.

Lottie shared,

“I look back, and I can’t believe we got through that time. When all the kids were home, at the peak of our issues, it was so disruptive to my husband’s stress level and his ability to work consistently.”

“We were in survival mode, and now it is completely different. It is so calm, and everything is less stressful.”