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Case Studies

Case Study: Cadey Helped This Family Get Answers and Support

A mom, son, and dad walking away from the camera on a beautiful autumn day.

Anna Kroncke


Last modified 19 Mar 2024

Published 01 Mar 2024

Meet Shannon and Doug

Shannon and Doug did not know how to best help their son, David. His school repeatedly told them that he was just fine, but they had concerns. David was in elementary school when they first started asking questions. His reading and spelling seemed to be a bit behind. David was a hard-working kid. He was well-liked by teachers and peers, and he was really bright. 

They were worried and didn’t know where to turn

By the time David reached 7th grade, his parents were very worried, yet their son’s school continued denying that he was having any real difficulties. They did not know where to turn.

Cadey’s Resources Provided Answers

This is where Cadey’s resources came into play.

Seeing David struggle had a big impact on stress and family life. Shannon recalls, “It was overwhelming, and we did not know where to start. I was an educator before this, but I had no idea, and getting that knowledge was so helpful.”

In connecting to Cadey, Doug and Shannon learned about tutoring and other therapeutic support and resources that could help their child. They learned how to get testing for conditions like learning disabilities, which often impact otherwise gifted children. They could finally have answers and support for David. 

David was ultimately diagnosed with Dysgraphia, a term that was new to his educated and super-involved parents. He was three years behind in writing as a 7th grader. No wonder he had been so stressed and overwhelmed, and his parents had been so concerned. 

On the Right Track, Supported by Cadey

Now, the whole family is happier, less stressed, and can feel more peace and success at work and home. 

Reduced homework struggles

Cadey families report that homework time is so much more smooth, now that they are using these techniques. 

“A student who is enjoying school, when he came from not enjoying school and homework, is a wonderful thing. David’s struggles caused lots of frustration for everyone. We were so worried. He was frustrated and not as happy. Now, we do not have to worry about that. He is figuring it out. We got to the root cause and understood the problem and the resources we needed. To find Cadey was a huge stress reliever.” – Shannon

Reduced stress

Cadey families tell us that their stress level is greatly reduced after trying these techniques.

“It did really reduce our stress. The depth of what Cadey provided to help us understand allowed us to communicate with the school in a way that helped. In the development of the IEP, for example, parents are a part of that team, and the knowledge and education Cadey provided helped us with that IEP process.” – Shannon

Increased confidence

Cadey families share that their kids have more confidence, which has a positive impact on family life.

“David is more confident and comfortable in his studies than he was before. He is more independent, and this is great for the family!” – Shannon and Doug

Knowledge is power

Cadey families share that knowing how to help their child is really important, which keeps them from feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

“It is heartbreaking to see your child, who is trying to learn, struggle so much. It breaks my heart, and it is so nice not to have that anymore. We have the knowledge and understanding. We knew how to help him. Cadey helped us discover what tutoring and support we needed for dysgraphia.” – Shannon

Gaining clarity

Cadey families are connected to targeted resources, assessments, articles, webinars, and more, helping them feel supported.

“It was a big ah-ha moment! Cadey is a lifesaver! We are just fortunate to have found Cadey.”  – Doug