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Case Studies

Case Study: Cadey Helps Parents Reduce Household Chaos

Family of five smiling at the camera while resting on a pile of leaves.

Anna Kroncke


Last modified 19 Mar 2024

Published 01 Mar 2024

Meet James and Sarah

Meet James. He is the primary working parent in a family with small to teenage children. One of his children is autistic, while another has ADHD.

His wife Sarah has had to keep her work to limited part time hours because of the caregiving needs of the family. Sarah calls James at work when there is a crisis at home, which happens frequently. James has a stressful hour-long commute home to help his family. He often arrives to loud family chaos. This adds to his stress. 

Family Stress Impacts Work

James is having trouble focusing on his work, and he often has to leave early to cope with even more stressful and emotional situations at home. His daughter is having emotional meltdowns as the result of undiagnosed autism,  and his son has ADHD and is struggling with organization and toileting accidents. 

James is not sleeping well. He wakes very early for his long commute and is up late, supporting his children and searching for a few minutes of peace to decompress. 

How Cadey’s Assessments Helped

Cadey’s assessments helped James and Sarah understand their daughter’s characteristics and needs. As a high school student, daughter Margaret was able to get a diagnosis of autism after the Cadey Social Communication Assessment really clarified her concerns. 

“It was so enlightening. She is such a bright child, and to understand her fully was great for all of us.”- Sarah

Cadey’s strategies for ADHD, including time management ideas, use of timers and schedules, and finding time for meaningful family moments, also really helped Sarah support her son. She understood more about what was typical and what she could work on more.

“I learned that my son had some screen addiction, and this was so helpful. Now we know what is typical and what structures and guidelines we can put in place. Our household today is so calm in the evenings.”

Cadey Helped This Family Find Peace

Cadey helped James, Sarah, and their kids find peace. They are not alone in their situation, as 1 in 6 children have significant characteristics of ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, or learning needs. 

Cadey supports parents so they don’t have to do it alone

The learnings in Cadey empower parents to support their children. The research tells us that engaged and knowledgeable caregivers are a huge predictor of success in their children.