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Cadey’s Award-Winning Innovations with AI

Marcy Willard


Last modified 19 Mar 2024

Published 06 Mar 2024

Innovating with AI

You may be an employer who is keeping tabs on how AI is changing the face of new technologies. As you may also be aware, there are a lot of reasons to exercise caution when using AI in a high-stakes field like healthcare and child psychology.

Cadey founders accept an award.
Marcy Willard, CEO, and Anna Kroncke, Vice President, celebrate a recent award

You can’t put the genie back

In our case, we understood the ethics behind moving forward with AI. We decided if we were careful and pragmatic about using this, we could accelerate the technology and the problem-solving potential almost exponentially. As a psychology app, we could essentially ‘multiply the psychologist’ by creating the right guidance video one time and making sure it gets to the right 40,000+ people – immediately.

Like mobile phones, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. You CAN harness this to do work that humans simply can’t. Even better, marry the human supervisor with the computer brain to produce powerful tools like the Cadey App.

The genie grants a few wishes

What we learned through intensive experimentation is that AI tools, such as those available through OpenAI, are powerful for sorting, matching, and targeting content. With the human brain, we could match about 1,000 recommendations to user requests vs. the AI engine that could match over 90,000. It took us weeks to do the matches while it took the AI engine about a day.

Why AI?

The reason AI is useful in the case of providing helpful videos and articles to parents in an app is that we can help people much faster. In this age of social media, even instant answers are barely fast enough. Parents in crisis? They need answers faster than most.

Cadey founders accepting an award.
Cadey is recognized for being innovative

What’s this to you?

As an employer or benefits consultant who is interested in solving real problems with technology, this is about the most amazing thing that has ever happened. Your funds and resources have never gone as far as they can now. Innovators in the AI space can solve problems literally overnight that have puzzled us for decades.

Are you an employer or benefits consultant who wants to know more? Email me: and let me know. We can crack open this award-winning app and show you how it works. I look forward to showing you around.