Meet Our Experts

Developed to help families parent with information and confidence, Cadey was created by psychologists with more than 20 years of combined experience in clinical, private practice, and school settings.

Marcy Willard
Founder + CEO

Marcy Willard

Dr. Willard is a tech entrepreneur, licensed psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, and published author. Dr. Willard has experience as a Psychologist, conducting diagnostic assessments at local clinics and as a Fellow at JFK Partners in partnership with the Children’s Hospital.

She has a bachelor’s degree from University of Colorado Boulder, a Master’s Degree in psychology from Pepperdine, and a Ph.D. in Child, Family, and School Psychology from the University of Denver.

Before starting Cadey, she worked as a clinical psychologist and school psychologist for over a decade, providing training, assessment, and consultation.

She has trained other psychologists in autism assessment using both a clinical diagnostic model and a school identification model.

She lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys and her dog that looks remarkably like an ewok.
Anna Kroncke
Co-Founder + Vice President

Anna Kroncke

Dr. Kroncke is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, and author of a leading childhood assessment textbook. Her experience spans over two decades as both a school psychologist in an urban district and over ten years in clinical practice.

Dr. Kroncke has extensive experience conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, assessment services, and consulting with families, community providers and schools.

She is a recognized expert on autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, as well as assessment tools and practices.

Outside of practice, Dr. Kroncke enjoys spending time with her husband, son and three dogs.

We heard parents say for years that they would ask their school, their pediatrician, their friends, even therapists for help and get nowhere. One day, my co-founder and I just said enough! We knew that parents needed immediate access with a practical roadmap to help their child develop. And we built Cadey because we know it's possible.

Dr. Marcy Willard, Founder and CEO